Permits and Certificates

Luftfahrtbundesamt - German Aviation Authority

Operator Certificate

ATO-Approval (Approved Training Organisation)

Attachment No 1a to the Approval Certificate
beiblatt1a-18.01.12.pdf - 515 kB

CAMO Approval Certificate
camo-genehmigung.pdf - 244 kB

Simulator FSTD

Katana Simulator
 z_sep_de-3a-006_r2012.pdf - 122 kB

Russian Federation Ministry of Transport

“Approval of Training Organisation of Air Alliance GmbH (Germany) and recognition of its conformity to the State Civil Aviation Authority requirements of the Russian Federation”:

Certificate (English):
rfmt_englisch.pdf - 523 kB

Certificate (Russian):
rfmt_russisch.pdf - 421 kB

Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine

 decision__f-011_fto_-1.pdf - 1 MB