Head office Siegerland
Since our establishment on 01.04.1998 in Siegerland Airport almost 20 years ago, Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH is providing professional pilot training for the private, business and scheduled services on modern Aircraft. Our quality and success over 10 years caused further establishment of our two subsidiary’s, Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH in Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport since 01.02.2012 and Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH in Bonn-Hangelar Airport since 01.02.2016. Providing support in various aspects of private and business aviation, Air Alliance Flight Center supports its Private Pilot Training through its partner company Aviation Westerwald GmbH since 01.01.2016. Our core values being Integrity, Quality, Learning and customer satisfaction, we are focused in maintaining professional atmosphere, all in one service capabilities through infrastructure and qualified team.
Flying is fascinating
Let us take you to a unique and fascinating world of aviation, whether flying privately for a weekend trip to a small North Sea island, as time-saving trips or for your business appointments in Germany and abroad. Or as a comprehensive pilot training for young pilots for our own Air Alliance Express turboprop and business jet fleet or for a career start somewhere in the world in a business jet or in an Airline cockpit. Learning to fly can change - especially with the latest technology! We show you the way to do that - with a professional yet affordable theoretical and practical training.

Flying connects people
Because of our reputation through Air Alliance Group, our companies training policies and bench mark standards have spread widely throughout Germany, Europe and other continents. Our courses are held in either German or English. In our campus it is quite common to find yourself next to pupils with various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Aviation being a huge part of today’s transportation industry we provide the possibility to our young aspiring pilots to interact and learn from each other, connecting people.
Approved Training Organization DE.ATO.019 / DE.NRW.ATO.200MS
Our training activities are designed in line with European directives (EU Regulations) and built based on Luftfahrt Bundesamt (LBA – German Aviation Authority) approved training manual. This ensures that your pilot's license and our training in Europe are approved without restrictions. Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH offers from PPL(A) Training to ATPL(A) training, additionally unlike many other ATO’s we offer diverse training platform offering HPA courses, type rating courses etc.. Air Alliance Group is able to provide individual training courses fulfilling the values of our customers and quality of our training program. Since 01.01.2016 Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH still being approved to perform PPL(A) Training by LBA, has out sourced PPL(A) Training alone to Aviation Westerwald GmbH a partner holding to conduct training under the same roof supervised by Air Alliance and Bezirksregierung Münster (Regional Aviation Authority).
On the following pages, we offer several modules and training courses - both as a full-time or distance learning program. Aircraft at Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH is either new or used, integrated extensively in training and charter demand.

​Enjoy finding out more! If you have any further questions, please do contact us at any time for advice and assistance!