Aircraft Charter

After you have successfully acquired your pilot license, many people are initially faced with the following question: Which aircraft is ideal for my flying activities and where can I find it….?

In general, ex-flying students remain as charter customers of their flying school, i.e. just like during the pilot training, you reserve the aircraft you want from the flying school fleet for the required period, with the difference that the school no longer assigns a flying instructor to you, unless it is an aircraft type you have never flown before. In this case it would be necessary to familiarize yourself with the new model first!

You can of course book your aircraft for a journey lasting several days from us; the billing remains the same, i.e. you only pay for the flying minutes and not for standing times, providing of course that the relation between flying and standing time is economically feasible for us , which are can be negotiated in context.

Please refer to the charter price list attached as a pdf file for more information about the costs of aircraft charter!

You can of course also purchase an aircraft and operate it yourself, the disadvantage of which is higher costs but the advantage is greater independence. Our parent company, Air Alliance GmbH, is specialized in the sale of technically inspected passenger aircraft. We will be pleased to inform you about this too!

Our charter pricelist:
Charterpreise ab 07-2019.pdf