Taster Flights

PPL(A) Taster Offer

If you have the idea to acquire a private pilot license but you are not yet sure whether flying is right for you, we offer you a half-day PPL-A taster course once a month!

Together with other potential PPL-A students you will be told all you need to know about general aviation in a short seminar lasting a good 2 hours, presented by our theory teachers in an interesting way using modern multimedia technology. You will then have adequate opportunity to discuss your own individual questions in depth! After this introductory talk our flying instructors will inform you in a group session about our training aircrafts and the aircraft’s different technical & operational system.

Then we will take you up in the air! Together with an experienced flying instructor you have the opportunity to steer the aircraft (a modern Cessna 172) yourself under professional supervision over the beautiful Siegerland / Westerwald region or Over the skyline of Frankfurt am main under the busy airspace of Frankfurt International during a 20 minute flight.

After taking this taster course you will know what awaits you within the scope of the pilot training from a theoretical and practical point of view and you will know whether you are attracted to this type of elegant, stress-free motion…

Book a fixed taster flight with us:
Available dates: First weekend every month starting 10 am!
Costs: 150.- € per participant
Booking: Register by phone or by eMail

The numbers of participants are limited to 8 per seminar!

If the practical flight would not be possible for weather reasons, the theoretical training will nevertheless be given and in this case an individual new date will be agreed with you for the taster flight!

Our Taster Offer:
Offer now also out of Egelsbach and Bonn-Hangelar Airport!
Taster Flights