EN - IR(A) Instrument Rating
Enroute IR

In addition to classical IR- training, our CB-IR training can also be combined with the Commercial Pilot and Airline transport pilot licensing program. We now, offer a simplified in theory and practice En-route or Competency-based –IR courses. The theoretical content compared to the classic IR rating has been lightened by about 40%. Thanks to the EU Commission Regulation, we, like the EU Aviation society - creating the opportunity for all private pilots to acquire IFR rating, understand the importance of flight safety, experience and knowledge. The En-route IR allows to fly IFR on the route, but cannot perform arrivals and departures under instrument flight conditions, a kind of fair-weather IFR, which means, you can legally fly through clouds, except at the departure and destination with fewer weather minimums in place. However, should your missions proceed irrespective of visual or instrument meteorological conditions, Competency-Based-IR rating allows you to perform IFR arrivals and departures under IFR conditions with just a few more IFR training missions compared to EN-IR. Additionally, private aircraft owners can now perform a part of the practical training on your own aircraft, given that the final approximately 10 hours of the flight training to be mandatorily performed at an ATO aircraft/instructors prior to completion of the examination.
For the practical training, the same applies as for the private pilot license, here too we are guided by your individual wishes on all 7 days of the week!

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