ATPL(A) Airline Transport Pilot License

Airline Transport Pilot License – ATPL is the highest level of pilot training. With this, you are capable of working as a passenger airplane pilot for an airline company in Europe or by following an appropriate conversion course to fly worldwide.

If you decide on pursuing your career in becoming an ATPL pilot with no previous flight experience or knowledge, you should allow yourself approximately 2 years, we will get you there. Provided you have the necessary motivation and willingness to learn to complete the whole ATPL training or if you are planning to perform the course part-time while working full-time, we recommend you in planning 3 years. First, we train you as a private pilot, taking into account the contents of the subsequent ATPL pilot training. Your advantage is that you can arrange a large proportion of the flying hours and prerequisites for further training and necessary for the ATPL license independently. Our expert operations and flight instructors will assist you in each phase of your training in planning and progressing.

All flights within the scope of the ATPL training, i.e. including those from a private pilot license or the flying experience required for further licensing are exempt from VAT in accordance with Art 4, 21 UStG (German VAT law)! As we utilize the legal scope for the benefit of our customers and fully pass the benefits on to you we are able to offer you a favorable training price!

You will either receive your theoretical instruction in a full-time course in English lasting several months or in a combination distance learning course as per your request. The training is set up as follows: You receive scripts on each topic questioned in the theoretical examination by the Federal Aviation Agency (Luftfahrt Bundesamt) in the multiple-choice examination. Every 4 weeks an intensive weekend seminar is held on our premises on the Siegerland airport or Egelsbach airport in which 1 – 2 subjects, depending on the content, are completely dealt with by a specialized Instructor. Regular, internet-based tests which you can take from home give us, as your flying school and training supervisor a permanent overview of your current performance. Before you take the theoretical examination, all topics are covered again in an intensive 3-week course and you are prepared for the examination. With this power training package, only available from us, you should then be really prepared to pass! Our training program is built based on our experience, values, EASA commission regulation standards and with great passion.

For the practical ATPL training, the same applies as for the private pilot license, here too we are guided by your individual wishes on all 7 days of the week!

‚ÄčOur ATPL(A) offer:
ATPL EASA modular 2020 ENG.pdf
ATPL EASA modular 2020 ENG ab PPL.pdf